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Spanish Knife

Spanish knife is a texture that may or not originate in Spain. It's characterized by raised lines of texture created by a drywall knife's edge. Mud is initially applied by hand, then a knife is used in long, sweeping arcs, with a flick at the end to create a peak. It's not sprayed on. It can have a more minimalistic or busy feel depending on what you want. Randomness in the line stroke is used to to create a more scattered or random pattern. Sometimes the knife is stuttered on the wall add elements of an old world texture if wanted.


All About Spanish Knife

Paint the walls

How To Spanish Knife

Start with a Level 3 drywall finish. Apply a mostly even coat of all purpose joint compound mixed with water to your wall. Smooth it out with a drywall knife. When lifting your knife from the wall, flick your wrist to create a raised peak from the edge of the knife.

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