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If you have to ask which house your bas-relief is in, you might have bas-relief. Bas-relief is the ultimate in drywall texturing opulence. Show off your refined tastes to your colleagues by shaping flowers, wreaths, dragons, and other over-the-top designs into your wall. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and wallet.


All About Bas-relief

You aren't two-dimensional and your walls shouldn't be either. While this texture is by far the most expensive (you're hiring an artist to finish your walls), you deserve it. What else are you going to spend your fortune on anyway? It's time to cover your walls in ornamental objects that will one day be largely ignored by your entitled grandchildren.

Sculpting images into walls is an ancient human tradition - one that has continued from cave walls to drywall. While modern bas-relief textures are often done in plaster, there are artistic mudders out there who will use joint compound to turn your wall into art.

When it comes to the question of what to create with bas-relief, the possibilities are endless. Perhaps just a simple border of flowers in the corners. Or maybe a chair rail comprising of rotating fleur-de-lis? Have you consider an Escher-inspired tessellation of taping knives slowly morphing into trowels via a disorienting unification of the foreground and background? Too many options to consider? Well you can't go wrong with a triptych recounting the saga of how you made and lost your riches in drywall.

Keeping bas-relief texture clean is not straightforward. It's probably best to keep it out of your kitchen. Although it doesn't really matter in the end because you've got a guy for that anyway.

If your bas-relief texture cracks, it'll take some work to find someone who can match the existing design. Again, you probably have someone on staff who can handle the search.

Paint the walls

How To Bas-relief

Finish the drywall to a Level 5 finish (not strictly necessary, but you can afford it). Hire an artist to come sculpt your walls!

The Nitty Gritty

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